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April 9th, 2020 | 1:17am



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Beaching 2015 [
August 18th, 2015 | 8:20pm
I guess my last post was when they brewed. Stuff went down but it's all been cleared now.

Monday Beau was back at school and got sick. Of course. So all week we all had fevers. I had to take a day off because Beau and I both had fevers. Thursday night I had to help Ryan brew some stuff and it was fun and annoying. LOL.

Friday morning Beau, Ryan and I left for North Carolina! :) WOOT. Renting a big house for a week. The drive down wasn't awful but it wasn't fun either. Beau obviously didn't enjoy being cooped up in the car and I don't do movies and stuff. I do books and games and music. She really only was fussy the last hour. I only stopped once. 7 hour drive...ish. After getting Beau to bed we sat on the deck to watch the sunset and Ryan and I took a walk to the beach together.

Saturday we spent the day at the Beach. Saturday night Ryan and I went to a wedding. It was a literally blast. I'm the best at weddings. Everyone kept coming up to me saying how much fun I was and that when no one was dancing I would get the crowd going and that I danced to literally every song I didn't care what song it was. Which is true. I don't dance to slow songs though. Those are times for breaks. LOL. I got a few "you look just like zooey deschanel comments" and it was just a lot of fun. It was a great wedding!! So happy for them. :) At the end Ryan tried to request a song and they wouldn't let him. So I went up and sweet talked the DJ and got him to play Hail to the Redskins!!!!! :) BILL WAS SO HAPPY...and so was everyone else who sang along. HOWEVER Bride is a ravens fan. BLECH. LOL. It was a great night.

Sunday we spent all day at the beach. I'm so glad my kid is a wild child. She got completely wiped out by a rough wave that rolled her onto shore! AND I got the ENTIRE thing on's on instagram! LOL HAHA. And got right back up and got back in. You either hate the beach or you love it and I'm glad she loved it. Set up a big tent, ate lunches, had fun! That evening was back at the house and movie night while Mom and Chuck went out to hang about and what not. Ryan and I took a walk to the beach together and talked.

Monday Ryan and Chuck were to drive home. Beau wasn't sleeping well so I had Ryan take her back with him so I could have a vacation. He had gotten one on his own back in April. Mom and I got crabs and watched True Detective. Yeah nope. Knew that ending would not change my mind...flop season.

Tuesday we spent lots of time at the beach, ate leftover crabs, and played board games.

Wednesday we did more beach time and then we did a paint your own pottery thing and it was SO MUCH FUN OMG! Then we drove around in search of SPOONS. Like seriously what the fuck. I must be an old ass lady if I'm the only effer in the world collecting spoons from each state. COULD NOT FIND ONE. FINALLY found a rinky dinky shop that had them!!! For the lighthouse...WHICH THE LIGHTHOUSE DIDNT EVEN HAVE THEM. Dafuq NC.

Wednesday night though was fucking amazing. I forced my mom to do something she was horrified to do. She had 3 epic bad experiences "horse back riding" in which really meant "She went to a friends house whose grandparents had horses and they put her on it and then it ran off because they never told her what to do and she was nine" and so I made her do it. All the horseback riding I've ever done is you sit on a horse and it walks and that's it. NERP. We had to learn how to turn it left and right and stop it and it was amazing. 45 minute walk to the beach. Then 30 minutes of playing on the beach during a sunset. LIKE LEGIT ALL OF THIS. We had the ability to make our horses trot and canter and I DID IT. At first Tonka was like NERP I'm going to trot whether you want it or not so that scared me but I stopped him. Then I got him to trot and it was so much fun. Just hanging out on a beach during sunset. I got some epic epic epic pictures. Then 45 minute hike back. I had to control my horse a lot. My mom was in front of me on a slow biotch. Like her horse was an old lazy bitch lol. Seriously annoying. Tonka kept trying to pass her. And he kept trying to eat. AND HE WAS MASSIVE. OMG. Even I got scared when I realized how inclusive the entire thing was.

I watched the meteor shower and it was fucking awesome!! I LOVE SCIENCE!!

Thursday was another all day at the beach day and fancy lunch at a pretty place. THEN. We did something even more epic and went PARASAILING! whatttt. Did parasailing at sunset. Got there and there were some other people. Our captain and first mates were EPIC. They were SO awesome. We had so much fun. Mom got to go twice because one girl was going by herself. And you buy based on height and she paid for 600ft but he took them up 1200!! SO MUCH FUN. And we got tons of great pictures from it too.

Then afterwards we stayed in Roanoke for dinner and had lots of incredible snow crab legs and a long island.

Friday was all day at the beach and we got to pick our pottery up and we ordered more crabs and at them! Then packed up and cleaned up!

Saturday morning we left at 7 and drove home! Carl, Dexter, and Ryan were bottling up all the beer during the entire day. I was supposed to get home around mid-beau nap so I could take her if she woke up. Well she woke up and thankfully Andy and Michelle took her for a few hours because I didn't get home until FIVE O'CLOCK. UGH! Awful. When I got there they were all in the basement, carl and dext in my kitchen and i was exhausted. Carl and Dexter were done so they pretty much left right after that and I was ready to PTFO. And so I did. :)

Sunday I tried to unpack and's been crazy being back at work but it was a great trip.

All the pictures are on instagram...I'm getting lazy. I used to post them all here. :(

Good Weekend [
August 3rd, 2015 | 9:37am
For some reason I feel overwhelmingly sad today. I believe I know exactly why but I'm not sure how to fix it. I had a long talk with Ryan yesterday and I've made some choices to move forward in a hopefully better direction. Then we stayed up way past our bed time doing other fun things but I'm still sad. Of course...when you're sad the best thing to do is listen to every sad song you've ever heard. <3 Elliott Smith cures my soul. And so does Cat Power. And Radiohead. And Regina Spektor and Sufjan Stevens and Blonde that is my playlist for the day. The best. <3

MY WEEKEND! Friday was Beau's first day of Pre Pre School! Holy smokes! What's happening!? I'm so having some serious baby fever. I'm totally ready. Ryan is totally ready. But we both want to enjoy Beau more. And we don't we burdened with a new baby or a pregnancy while on our epic vacation next year. So we wait!

Ryan and I both dropped her off together at 7am. She was hesitant and shy. Then when we went into her classroom she immediately started playing with toys. Ryan left. I lingered in case she flipped when he left...which she does every time he leaves a room at home. Then I just left. I said "bye bye" and she waved, smiled and said "bye bye". And well she's spent all her time with Nana and Grandpa Steve since I stopped my maternity leave but this was the first time she was ever left in a new location with new people. And KIDS. She's got a few friends. Including Samantha and Madeline who also go to this school, they're our next door neighbors. So it's like a good place. We really like it. I watched from the window for a few minutes and felt very content. No tears....nothing. <3 She's very independent and I'm happy for that.

When I went to pick her up after work I watched from the window and it was apparently music/dance time. She was just dancing up a storm and playing with another kid. There were about 6 kids in there. I was worried about her age and being put in the room with the younger kids. When we originally went in there the room they showed us was for little little babies. Like the 6months - 18 month group. So they put her in the next group up! Which was great because she absolutely loves playing with those kids. She ate all the food that was given to her. She slept on a cot for the very first time ever and never had an issue falling asleep. She never cried. The teacher was surprised it was her first time in a center ever because she did so well.

She also had her 16 month check up at 19 months. Yeah IDK why they do that. LOL. She's 97% for height, 95% for weight and I believe 91% in head circumference. My baby is growing so quickly! We're thinking about switching to a toddler bed! GAH! Especially now that she's sleeping on a cot at school.

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Saturday was brew day. Dan, Carl and Ryan spent the day brewing. So my house looked like a laboratory. Beau got stung by a bee... a few between her legs on her inner thighs. So that sucked.

I started gathering things together for our vacation and I'm avoiding packing in every way. I'm not ready for this!

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Whiskey Lulliby [
July 20th, 2015 | 10:00am
I originally had plans on Friday with my cousins but we didn't have enough time to get a plan together and they wanted to go to Artscape because both of their boyfriends were playing there and it's not really my thing.

But it was my night so I was bummed and wanted to still do something. Ankur texted me asking if Ryan could go to the Nats game...which annoyed me...and then also annoyed Ryan. I'm not his mom, you don't need to ask me permission. Ryan and I make all decisions together. Saturday was Ryans night out and Friday was mine. My plans fell through but I hadn't decided if they were completely done or not. I texted Brandi and she really wanted to do Karaoke with me and I found a bar RIGHT next to my house that did Karaoke NOT ONLY on Saturday but Friday nights too! YES. But she had to get some painting stuff done first and didn't get to it by 9pm when we were heading over there.

So Ryan kind of pushed and pushed and was all "you're not spending another night inside playing your video game" and so Carl and I went. Of course Carl's thing is Karaoke. haha. It was a lot of fun! I drank a little bit too much liquid courage. I was so afraid to sing. Once the liquid courage kicked in I made a lot of friends. Haha. One of them is my new Instagram friend as well and we sang a song together. We sang GLAMOROUS by Luda an Fergie. :) We got the whole crowd singing with us on that one. It was so much fun! I spent a lot of time dancing on the dance floor too. One guy came up and danced with me. I let him...haha he was 60 and it was his birthday. He was a lot of fun! He didn't cross any lines and we were really in sync so it was funny. Then this girl who was wasted put me on a chair and gave me a lap dance. LOL. Ugh I'm having flashbacks of the embarrassment of that night. LOL Carl and I talked and I probably talked too much but it was good to clear some things up. We got home around 2am I think...or maybe 3?

Saturday was lazy. Ryan made us all breakfast and it was amazing. When Beau took her nap I played my game. Ryan went in our room and took a nap. Carl and I were in the basement. He passed out on the couch after a few minutes and I got through two chapters! Which were scary and I have a bad habit of talking to myself during games and with him sleeping that made it hard! LOL. Just usually like saying things outloud so I don't forget to go back and get something or where something is on a mapetc. When Beau woke up I filled the pool up I sat under the tree with my feet in the pool listening to music. I think they both slept until like 5 and then we had dinner. After that the two of them drove to Rockville for the Twilighter 8K. Oh wait! Step back, after pool and before dinner Ryan made me shave his head to look like Bryce Harper. Lololol. I hate it but he wanted it so thus is marriage. :) Ryan met up with his Mom, Step Dad, Dan and his Boss at the race! He ran it like a champ and got 58 minutes! :) WOO. Then afterwards Dan, Carl and Ryan went out and had some beers and got home I didn't see them until the next morning.

Sunday I had planned all week to "Audit the basement" aka go through literally every drawer and throw out stuff or put it in storage bins for under the stairs...aka the 5 year storage area. In the morning Ryan and Carl took Beau to the mall to play in the play place and hang out so I could get stuff done. Then they got home and I put her down for a nap and Carl left. Then Ryan and I worked on the basement together. We got so much done!!!! I was thrilled but it's still an epic mess. Like...all these little piles everywhere. Haha "storage" "shred" "side tables" etc etc. Can't wait for my new side tables to get here. Will make things easier.

Ryan and I had a talk last night because I want to do more stuff with him so we need to find a better day care for evenings. Seems like we can never get anyone and I hate blowing money. But she absolutely adores Carl. lol Like literally. He's always offered but I always feel bad accepting help or that it's "not worth it" but I so miss spending time one on one with Ryan. LOL...So Ryan was upstairs and we were drinking coffee at the table and Beau was to my right playing and Carl was sitting on the far end on the left. She bumps her head....whines...walks all the way around me and over to Carl and hugs him/crawls into his lap to make herself feel better. LOL. She's officially in that phase of "I want nothing to do with females and is obsessed with Daddy" which is good I guess. Like if it's just me and her it's fine. But if it's Me Ryan and Beau...and ryan leaves the room...she cries. And it's annoying. If I leave the room I say "I'm going Potty" or "I'll be right back" and she'll go "okay!" and wait patiently for me. LOL. So weekends are a little annoying but I know it's a phase. After work before he gets home it's pretty great. LOL. So I think Tuesday we're going to the Gym together and Carl will watch Beau. Then we asked Carl as a trade he can go to the Gym with Ryan on like Sunday night and then we can was True Detective together or something. Maybe that'll work? He said he wants to work out, he lost a ton of weight. I HATE THE GYM BTW. LOL. But that's Ryans thing and he wants me to go. I want to go Zip Lining so we're going to do that later. :)

Got tickets to see Tim McGraw FINALLY. I absolutely love his new song and it's FINALLY back to that classic country that I love. His previous recent stuff is him trying to fit in with the younger gens but doesn't he realize that they suck? Like...ugh. Pop music sucks and so does pop country. I mean some of this stuff I hear on the radio is just godawful. I really like Eric Church though and he's newish.

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Acting Rant [
July 14th, 2015 | 2:34pm
I'm not sure I understand open casting calls? For that popular political drama I stood in line for 2 hours for them to literally take ONE picture...and that picture has YET to get on the website but I followed facebook, saw a casting call, applied and filmed my scenes and got paid weeks ago on that show. But then for another show about people wearing orange says "you're what we want and we need a very specific look" and then says "oops you aren't registered in our system" and that requires driving 4 hours to literally have them take a picture of me in person? I'm willing to drive that far to be an extra...but I feel like it's a waste of time to register in person when they don't even use that stuff to hire people anyway. Like why are they posting things on FB if they have this huge inventory of people in their database? UGH. I guess I'm just here to rant but my hobby isn't worth driving to NYC just to register for future roles. IDK.

But I was officially offered a role in a short film coming up in October! So I'm excited about that. But it's so far away! AND A JOB ON that show about people who wear orange? That would be so much effing fun.

Birthday Weekend [
July 13th, 2015 | 11:56am
Well my actual birthday was on Thursday, July 9th but we didn't celebrate until the weekend. Ryan got me a card from Beau and himself and my most favorite box of chocolate covered strawberries! :)

Friday I took off! So I could sleep in, Ryan took her to his moms house on his way to work. I spent most the morning trying to coordinate 12 people driving to a baseball game in 1 minivan, leaving from my house and 1 car leaving from Germantown. Which caused the biggest issue because my cousin doesn't have a car and therefore had to go with Dan but Carl picked her up instead and blah blah blah it was crazy. BUT we all managed to be at my house on time.

So I was going to get my nails done but didn't have time. I spent most of the day SCREAMING loudly for fun, playing loud music while doing laundry and cleaning up a bit. I did go and get my hair done because it's been well over a year since the last cut and it was getting too heavy. Nick came over early so we could have dinner together at this Irish place I really like. That ended up taking longer though so we did to go...and then that took longer so we ended up being late back to the house.

Carl and Katie got there before us and went inside because I left the door unlocked for him though I need to give him a key but I keep forgetting. Then Nick and I got back. Then Kristin arrived...and Brandi, Aaron and Dan. Emily/Grayson and Grace met us at the game since they live in Baltimore. NATS VS O'S!! Fun fun and more fun! We pregamed and all took a birthday shot. Then Aaron brought a flask so I got another shot. And then I had one jack and coke at the stadium. Oh and I sipped some of Carl and Aarons beers. LOL. I actually liked Aaron's because it had old bay in it. :)

Then we drove home where we were all having a blast driving through the scary city. I played DJ. We did something illegal but I can't get in trouble after the fact, right? Haha...8 people in a 7 seated van. Katie sat on the floor. >< SHH DON'T TELL! haha. We all sang really loud...of course. It was so much fun!

Then afterwards Katie and Carl spent the night and we stayed up until 4am being completely hilariously awesome in every way. Yep. We rock! LOL The four of us did the cupid shuffle...which was hilariously embarrassing and thank goodness we didn't record it. I also have about 10 DubSmash video's on my phone but I only posted...two online. HAHA. The others are hilariously embarrassing but for our eyes only! Mostly belting out funny songs.
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All the other pictures of my awesome frans are here:

Saturday I was basically in a coma. Carl, Dan and Grace went to this irish festival but we weren't really interested. It sounded fun but Ryan drove Katie home to Gtown and picked Beau up from his mom and came back to our place just before his dad got there for the afternoon. I was still in a coma most the day. After beau went to bed we both played our video games until about midnight.

Sunday we rearranged our entire bedroom and now I'm obsessed with the idea of painting. I decided to completely get rid of the headboard we had so that's going to goodwill. Along with some other things. I bought two new side tables for the basement and the fourth bedroom. The third bedroom upstairs is literally full of baby stuff for kid #2 aka storage...but I want to clean that up and make it more organized.

I'm doing a full audit this weekend though on our basement and some other rooms. Basically anything that is a drawer or closet is getting destroyed if necessary. I love throwing shit out that we don't need anymore. OR it's going in storage bin under the stairs because that location is for things we won't need for 5 or more years. The other storage is for things we may use often and within that time frame. Like the bed rails for Beau's toddler bed and camping stuff and tents and beach stuff and holiday stuff.

But Emily, Katie, Elissa and I are doing a cousin night on Friday and then Saturday Ryan has his 8k so we'll see how much of that audit actually gets done. LOLOL.

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